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‘Nibbles’ The Terminal Password Manager

Nibbles The Terminal Password Manager Version 0.1 This is a Very Simple, Basic, Easy to use Command line based Password Manager written in C language. This program is intended for people who have the habit of forgetting the UserName and Password of the many accounts we manage.This is not a substitute for the available password … Continue reading

Sharing Files Between Computers In Your Home Network

Now heres the scenario.. Off late my parents have started using  my laptop  ..Unfortunately my crave for data stored in my laptop coincides with my parents using it!! So here comes OpenSSH to the rescue .Here is a schematic of my home network.. I have 2 Computers at home 1) Desktop running ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick … Continue reading

Play Videos in ASCII Mode!! | Black and White !

This is very similar to the previous post but here the videos can be played in ‘ASCIIfied’ Black and White mode !! If u wanna play in color then read this post. I must accept this is not quite as good looking as that of the color one ..but its a silly geeky trick which … Continue reading

Play Videos in ASCII Mode !!

Bored of watching videos in HD ..Wanna have some fun?? Watch the same video in ‘ASCIIfied’ format.This can be done with MPlayer which is a Open Source software available under GNU GPL MPlayer makes use of ‘libcaca’ which is a Color ASCII Art library ..libcaca outputs text instead of pixels.It supports 2048 colors(Depends on the … Continue reading

How to Download YouTube Videos in Linux ~~The Geek Way~~

Geeks have a passion or call it there signature move to do most of the activities via terminal ..So today i will show you how to download videos from YouTube  using CLI .. Believe me this process is much easier than using any GUI to download videos from YouTube…But if u feel GUI is the … Continue reading