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Wubi Boot Failure sh:grub> After Upgrade


Today i upgraded my laptop which had ubuntu 10.04 installed using wubi to ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat ..the upgradation took abt 3 hours thanks to the ever slow Bsnl broadband connection….No problems or glitches with the upgrade …The problems started arising once the upgradation was done .

I dont know whether all systems installed using wubi have the same booting flow but this was my flow during normal operations.

After upgrade

Problem scenario – The system kept on restarting once i selected ubuntu in the Windows boot loader.

Solution(Not the final one) – Did the usual googling and ubuntu forums instructed me to log into my Windows OS and replace the c:\wubildr file with the one persent at c:\ubuntu\winboot\wubildr .

Result –  Restarting stopped 🙂 But once i selected ubuntu in win boot loader it went into sh:grub prompt 😦 😦 sh:grub> WTF !!!

Solution(Final) – Once again googling my way to success ..i found out a new wubildr file had to be copied into Windows c:\ drive ..replacing the old wubildr .

The new wubildr file can be found here

This finally fixed my wubi boot problems 🙂 🙂

The reason for this problem has been written extensively in many websites ..a simple google search should lead you.. if you r interested in knowing about the problem .


Thanks to Omar’s blog for the final solution 🙂


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