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Play Videos in ASCII Mode!! | Black and White !

This is very similar to the previous post but here the videos can be played in ‘ASCIIfied’ Black and White mode !! If u wanna play in color then read this post.

I must accept this is not quite as good looking as that of the color one ..but its a silly geeky trick which i wanted to share with you guys 🙂

Ya its Kenny McCormick from South Park 😉 😉

The command  used to play videos in this format is similar to that of the colored one(Make sure MPlayer is installed).

$ mplayer -vo aa filename.flv

Here filename.flv is the source file.The library used here to render videos in text format is AA-lib .AA-lib is an portable ASCII art graphical effects library.

The home page for AA-lib can be found here .

The MPlayer Documentation pertaining to AA-lib can be found here .

The picture below shows a video being played simultaneously in ASCII Black and White and normal format .


The idea for this post as with that of the previous one was found at How-To Geek


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