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VU meter using lm3915

This is Version 1 of the VU meter which i have planned to built …The final version will be different from the present one as its performance did not meet requirements ..

This version cost me about 100₹ …The IC lm 3915 was particularly hard to find at Sp road,Banaglore …eventually got it after a exhausting day of search ..Thanks to my friend Ravindra hegde for accompanying me in the IC hunt  😉 😉   Thanks buddy!!

Back to business …here is the part list along with the price

  • IC lm3915  –  75₹
  • 10 leds  –  10₹
  • 10k ohm pot   –  2₹
  • Resistors 390 ohm and 1k ohm  –  1₹
  • Wires – 5₹

Here is the schematic of the circuit –








Yes i know its a hand written one but i didnt have the patience to get a proper schematic done.

I have used a 1k ohm resistor to limit the current flow through the leds (this is not shown in the ckt diagram)

Here is a pic of the circuit which i built on a bread board :







This is a video of the VU meter in action

The video quality sucks !! thanks to the bad video converter i use …. 😦

UPDATE : Check this post before implementing this circuit .


The inspiration for this circuit  was from a spanish site taringa.net …gracias a ustedes!!! 🙂


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Embedded Engineer interested in Electronics and GNU/Linux


3 thoughts on “VU meter using lm3915

  1. very easy,efficient & interesting projects……….Its like a play game for kids………..nice………….

    Posted by ANKUSH MAHAJAN | March 26, 2011, 7:36 pm


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