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Enable root account in ubuntu 10.10

Ubuntu does not have the root account enabled by default ..the ubuntu distribution does not ask nor state abt the root account during installation where as some of the other linux distributions do ask for the root password to be set…The root account is required to perform some operations ..So once the installation is done and your system is up and running we need to activate the root account and set a root password …So let us activate the root account..issue the command in the terminal

$ sudo passwd root







Now the system will ask you for a root password and once you confirm it, you can start using the root account to login.






In case you will want t0 disable back the root account, just lock the root account by running :

$ sudo passwd -l root






The picture below shows the power of root in a linux system!!! 😉 😉









PS : I found this picture here along with a good article on “The power of ‘root’ in Linux” 🙂



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