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GNU/Linux, Nokia 5800, Ubuntu

Using Nokia 5800 as 3g Modem on ubuntu..

Connecting to the internet via a Nokia 5800 on ubuntu is very simple…

Stuff needed

  • Nokia 5800 with 3g connectivity and data cable .
  • Ubuntu as your Operating System .
  • “Modem Manager” package ( comes preinstalled with ubuntu 10.10 else sudo apt-get install modemmanager ) .


  • Connect the phone via USB to the PC .
  • Set your Nokia 5800 to “PC Suite” mode
  • Left click on the Network Manager icon and choose “New Mobile Broadband Connection” .
  • Choose the default values in the wizard .
  • Success!! choose ur entry( in my case its cellone ) …Now you are online via 3g ….

This is one more example to show how easy it is to get things done with Linux … Enjoy your 3g experience !!!



(Information for the post gathered mainly from alandoyle and from many other sources)


About Suhas Dwarakanath

Embedded Engineer interested in Electronics and GNU/Linux


One thought on “Using Nokia 5800 as 3g Modem on ubuntu..

  1. Thanks for your guid. But I’m loking for Nokia PC Suite for my 5800 phone. Because although it connects like abow methode, that connection does not alow to use HSPDA high speed connection. (3.5Mbps). How can I use 3.5Mbps? I could use it in XP. How can i see the data trnsfer speed in ubuntu over my connection? Pls help. My E-mail clrathnayake@gmail.com.


    Posted by Chathuranga | June 15, 2011, 9:31 am

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